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"Galaxy of Istoria" Challenge [150 Miles]

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🌌 Embark on the Cosmic Cruise through the Galaxy of Istoria! 🌠 Greetings, cosmic explorers, star-hoppers, and celestial wayfarers! This month, the Galaxy of Istoria beckons you to set sail on an interstellar walking odyssey along the illustrious Fortian Trade Route, spanning from planet to planet through the vast cosmos. Envision yourself traversing alien landscapes, marveling at distant galaxies, and treading on extraterrestrial soil, all while tracking your real-world steps. As you journey through the cosmos, your steps will guide you to unveil the cosmic wonders and mysteries of the Galaxy of Istoria. 🪐✨ This challenge invites you to walk a total of 37.5 Miles (or 75k steps) a week, averaging 5.5 Miles (or 10k steps) per day, as you explore the celestial wonders. Ready to journey among the stars? Click "Join" to commence your cosmic adventure.





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