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"Istoria Magic Academy" Challenge [50 Miles]

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Get a certificate by completing the program.
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📜 Enroll in a community stroll through the Halls of the Istoria Magic Academy! 🪄 Greetings, aspiring wizards, spellcasters, and mystical scholars! The Istoria Magic Academy beckons you to embark on an enchanting walking adventure through the mystical corridors and of the most renowned academy in all of Istoria. Visualize yourself walking the hallowed halls, mastering magical potions, exploring herb-laden gardens, and even taking to the skies on your trusty broomstick. As you journey through our world, your footsteps will lead you to unlocking the secrets and wisdom of the magical arts. 🔮 This challenge invites you to walk a total of 50 Miles (or 100k Steps) this month, averaging 25k steps per week, or ~3.5k Steps per day, as you progress from class to class. Ready to become a part of this mystical journey? Select "Join" to begin.





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