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"Land of Istoria" September Walking Challenge

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🚶📜 Embark on the Epic September Stroll through "The Lands of Istoria"! 🌍👣 Attention all adventurers, wanderers, and quest-seekers! This September, our Hero's Journal walking challenge invites you to traverse the mystical landscapes and mythical terrains inspired by one of your favorite Hero's Journal worlds. Picture yourself strolling through enchanted forests, scaling towering peaks, and meandering through bustling market towns, all while tracking your real-world steps. Each step you take in our world brings you closer to uncovering the hidden mysteries and treasures of Istoria. 🗺️✨ For this challenge, we're going to aim to walk a total of 42k steps a week, which is an average of 6k steps per day. Want to come along for the journey? Select "Join" to get started.





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