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Love vs. Kaiju - February 2023 Updates 💕

Welcome to February, heroes! 🧙‍♂️

Prepare for an epic adventure like no other! In the month of February, the quest for monsters and love awaits you. As you soar through the skies in your powerful mecha, you'll find yourself in the heart of Kaiju city, facing a battle between galaxies, and an alien city on the brink of destruction.

Gertrude Layout Updates

Hold tight, as this is a month of great change. With the guidance of the mighty Guild Hall, the Hero's Journal team has crafted a weekly spread layout unlike any other, combining all the elements you've been seeking in an annual planner.

  1. Weekly Habit Tracker Integration - The #1 requested feature from the focus group calls is finally here! Introducing the weekly habit tracker, which will run alongside your days of the week, allowing you to track your progress and improve your habits with ease.

  2. 2-page Monthly Calendar Spread - As requested multiple times in The Guild Hall, the monthly calendar page now spreads out over two pages, and we've even included a notes column on the right hand side. The only downside we see to this new variant is it doesn't leave Ryan a whole lot of room for fun Mentor's Lab illustrations. What do you all think? Let us know in The Guild Hall!

We want to hear your feedback regarding the new planner spreads! If the new tracker isn't very popular, or if the majority of you simply prefer things the old way - it will be super easy for us to roll back to a previous variant if necessary. However, we think you're all going to love this new variant!

New Side Quests

Our weekly Side Quests for February will all be Love & Kaiju themed and will be posted in The Guild Hall every Monday. Here's a sneak peak of the first February side quest y'all have to look forward to this coming Monday, February 6th:

Road to Kickstarter Blog

Keep your eyes peeled for an all new Hero's Journal team weekly blog about the Road to Kickstarter that we'll start dropping on your email inboxes this coming Sunday, February 5th. Every week you'll hear from Nick, Kyle, Ryan, and John about everything new in our quest of creating the most epic planner ever.

Last but not least, all monthly Gift Codes for February will be coming to you via email soon if they haven't already. Keep your eyes peeled for those, and remember that the gift code can only be redeemed on and will expire on 3/1/23, but worry not! We'll be sending you a new gift code around that time.

Until then, may the winds guide you, and the Kaiju be at peace. Safe travels, fellow Guildmates! 🐋

Yours in exploration,

~John 👾


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