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Steamgear Frontier - July 2023 Updates ⚙️

We hope you had a happy holiday, heroes! Welcome to the "Steamgear Frontier". 🐴

Step right into an Otherworld where gears whirr with anticipation, and the rules of the Wild West reign supreme. All of the new planner spreads for "Steamgear Frontier" are now live in the "Planner Pages" tab at the top of the guild, and the Kickstarter campaign for The Hero's Planner is officially live as of June 27th!

Back the campaign here, or read on for more of what's new in The Guild this month!

New SideQuests

What's an adventure to a new Otherworld without some new SideQuests? Each week, The Guild Hall will release a new "Steamgear Frontier" themed SideQuest for you to conquer. Here's a look at the holiday themed SideQuest The Guild is working on together this week, and a sneak peak of the quest we'll be jumping into next Monday, July 10th:

The End of Road to Kickstarter & Kickstarter Launch!

It's been a long road on the Road to Kickstarter, but after 19 weekly newsletters - we finally made it! As of June 27th, the Kickstarter is finally live! Here's a recap of our final stops on the Road to Kickstarter, and a link to the campaign:

What's Next For The Hero's Guild?

With the Kickstarter now live, we've understandably getting a lot of questions regarding if The Hero's Guild will be shutting down, or asking about what's next for The Hero's Guild. Worry not, The Hero's Guild will be here to stay!

As things stand right now, we still have 2 more months of planner pages to release (Sherlock Roach, and Across the Yewniverse), and we also still owe y'all at least a couple more Hero's Guild exclusives.

Beyond that, we're working hard on brainstorming what a Hero's Guild v2 might look like in the near future after digital & physical options for the Hero's Planner are readily available to all of us. The next phase of The Hero's Guild might be early access to helping us work on the next big thing (much like we did w/ The Hero's Planner), or it could look a little different with options for things like monthly loot drops, coaching programs, and/or maybe re-visiting the drawing board on the best way to integrate a mobile app experience. Lots of options on the table right now!

Whichever way we do decide to go with Hero's Guild v2, my commitment to y'all as Guildmaster is to make sure we offer an even cooler experience than what we've had in year 1, with even more value for you, the heroes.

Have some suggestions for what you'd like to see in The Hero's Guild v2? Let us know in the comments below!

But the excitement doesn't stop there, Guildmates! The monthly Gift Code for July will be coming your way soon via email if it hasn't already. With a limited time to redeem, make sure to use them wisely at the store. Please note that Hero's Guild gift codes are unfortunately not redeemable on our Kickstarter campaign.

Happy questing, steam wranglers!

~John 🐴


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