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Super Game Quest - March 2023 Updates 👾

March is here! 🧙‍♂️

Yew awaken this month inside of what appears to be some kind of magical 90s arcade, but this isn't just any normal arcade. In fact, you weren't aware that Professor Mentor even owned any retro video games, let alone had her own game room. Surely you must be dimension hopping again, you realize. Time to take a a look around and find that MacGuffin! 🕹

Gertrude Layout Updates

Following last month's big updates to the monthly calendar page layout, and integration of the weekly habit tracker - we've decided to take a brief pause on layout changes this month to focus on collecting valuable feedback. As the start of production and the eventual Kickstarter looms closer, it's time to buckle down and really get our fingers on the pulse of what we all want this planner to become.

Want to share additional or updated feedback ahead of production? Let us know your thoughts in this poll here.

New Side Quests

Our weekly Side Quests for March will all be video game themed and will be posted in The Guild Hall every Monday. We're throwing a little bit of an extra gamification twist on the specific quests this month, and we hope you enjoy! Here's a sneak peak of the first March side quest y'all have to look forward to this coming Monday, March 6th:

Road to Kickstarter Blog Updates

Three weeks ago we started our all new Road to Kickstarter Newslettter series wherein every Sunday you'll hear from Nick, Kyle, Ryan, and John about everything new in our quest of creating the most epic planner ever.

So far we've talked about everything from planner design philosophy to Professor Mentor's role in Gertrude, and everything in between. Catch up on everything we've blogged about out through the month of February here:

As always, we have some monthly Gift Codes for March coming to you via email soon if they haven't already. Remember that the gift code can only be redeemed on and will expire on 4/1/23, but worry not! We'll be sending you a new gift code around that time.

Until then, keep up all the epic questing, Guildmates! 🎮

Let's level-up and conquer march,

~John 👾


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