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Yew in Wonderland - April 2023 Updates 🐇

April is here! 🧙‍♂️

All planner spreads for April are now live in the "Planner Pages" tab, and I think we're all going to have a blast coloring these ones in. In addition to the new Wonderland setting, we also made some changes to the layout this month. Let us know what you think about the changes, and enjoy your time in Wonderland!

"Things are a little topsy-turvy and everyone’s a bit mad, but it’s all a matter of perspective, right? Yew and Shadow Buddy pursue a dapper little creature in a waistcoat that’s either a rabbit or a bird (depending on how you look at it) who seems to know the location of the hidden glyph, but good luck keeping up when the floor is suddenly the ceiling…" ~Ryan 🐇

Gertrude Layout Updates

New in the layout this month:

  1. New "Habit Tracker" Format

  2. New "Gratitude" Section

  3. Cleaner Note Space

For more info, check out our most recent Road to Kickstarter Newsletter where Nick gives the full run-down.

Want to share feedback on this month's changes? Let us know your thoughts in this thread here.

New Side Quests

Our weekly Side Quests for April will all be Wonderland themed and will be posted in The Guild Hall every Monday. The first of four new Side Quests this month will have a little bit of Spring/Easter flavor, and we hope you enjoy! Here's a sneak peak:

Road to Kickstarter Blog Updates

Here are all the Road to Kickstarter updates we posted in March:

As always, we have some monthly Gift Codes for March coming to you via email soon if they haven't already. Remember that the gift code can only be redeemed on and will expire on 5/1/23, but worry not! We'll be sending you a new gift code around that time.

Until then, keep up all the epic questing, Guildmates! 🎩

~John 🐇


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